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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 16, 2016 11:30pm-11:55pm EDT

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and now, you have real pressure. >> al: second down, 13, 2:28. texans with a time-out. and the two-minute warning. >> cris: the pass rushers, if they throw it, has to go to work. mercilus has to get there. clowney has to get there. knock off play-action. looking deep. gets sacked at the 9 yard line. andre hal. he knocks him down. they're going to stop the clock here, with the final time-out. and it's going to be third down and 20. >> cris: trying to run bootleg.
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the flat on that side, got tripped up. and couldn't make his way through the traffic. >> al: and holding his leg on top of it. time-out for the texans. third and 20. out of time-outs. the clock was stopped, at the two-minute warning. that's andre hal's first career sack in his third year. >> cris: sure don't want to do anything too crazy here. got a great punter. give him a chance to get you out of this hole. >> al: and this is gore. sure enough, exactly what we mentioned, just happened. mercilus makes the tackle. so, the first 100-yard rusher in 3 1/2 years, turns out to be a guy who now has 99.
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>> al: oh, man. fourth down. two minute warning. and in comes the punting unit. so, the game still alive for the houston texans. big defensive series.
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? oh, sunday night oh, sunday night ? >> al: there you have it. a week from tonight, seahawks/cardinals in the desert. volkswagen postgame report coming up after this one.
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stars of the game. we will look ahead to next sunday's match-up in glendale, a.z. >> cris: clowney in on the punt rush. mercilus, in on the punt rush. >> al: mcafee, averaging 52 yards per kick. see if he can boom one here. he sends it to the 41 yard line. ervin escapes for the moment. he gets tackled at the 47 yard line. 1:50 now. a 69-yard kick. no time-outs. and they have the ball at their own 47 yard line. >> cris: here it is. this is a chance to quiet all of the noise.
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you're brock osweiler, to become the quarterback of the houston texans. you have one touchdown and he needs another. >> al: butler still out. darryl morris is in the indy secondary. will set up a screen. and this huge night for lamar miller keeps on ticking, as he gets to the 37 y to the 15. >> cris: screen passes have been a disaster for the texasens this year. and in a big moment, they hit a big one. >> al: 1:30 remaining. from the 37 yard line. osweiler, from the 32. the catch made, tight end, fiedorowicz. he takes it to the 26 yard line. that's an 11-yard gain and a
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one minute, now, remaining. >> cris: come on. >> al: osweiler, fires, caught, touchdown. c.j. fiedorowicz. well, that didn't take long. 3 56 seconds. 49 seconds left for andrew luck, who will get the ball back. and how big did that missed extra point -- how big does it loom right now? novak missed earlier. otherwise, they are going for a potential win. now, they're going for a potential tie. and maybe overtime.
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on a knee. he needs a moment. back we go to fa dora. >> cris: will be held over top deep. and osweiler threw a bullet. that's the best throw he's made tonight, maybe all year. between the cover guys. and for novak, this is going to be a long time to think about a huge pressure kick. >> al: geathers on the route. adams missed the tackle. osweiler has thrown for 223 yards tonight. >> cris: give him credit. that was a great drive. he looked completely calm. completely under control. knew the offense.
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up to him. it was tremendous. they go on to win this game, this one will be in his memory bank forever. >> al: a chance to get it in the fifth quarter, there goes adams limping off. as if the colts don't have enough problems in the secondary, already minus patrick robinson. he would have been a starter tonight. >> cris: would you consider seeing mike adams limp off like that. seeing who they have left right there, would you think about it here? >> al: well, every coach is thinking about it right now. the problem is, it would be so deflating to miss the two-point conversion. >> cris: this is no layup, either. >> al: these days -- if gostkowski can miss one, anybody can.
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which he does. so, andrew luck has 49 seconds. two time-outs. maybe the greatest place kicker ever, with a chance maybe to win the game in regulation. >> cris: the man under, zone deep. will go under that guy. and over the top. and just sit it was -- if you're at all hesitant on that throw, you never get that in there. there is about a quarter-second window, where that throw could have been made. and osweiler, that was great. honestly, that was great. that drive was great. >> al: and it's 23-23. vinatieri keeping that leg
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and we go to michele. >> michele: adam vinatieri felt good 58 to 60 yards. and he said, i'm happy my old butt can still play. i don't take any kick for granted. he said, if we have to go further, we'll go further. but he felt like it was going to be a good night here tonight, because they're inside and the air in here is a little bit arm, al. >> al: he has five already this season from 50-plus. matching the most he's had in an entire year. they would like to get the ball to about the 38 yard line or so of indianapolis. a bouncing kickoff. juggled, fielded at the 24. and run back to the 32 by austin blythe, a rookie out of iowa, who had no idea what was coming his way at that point. a lineman. what is this?
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>> al: that could have been a disaster. >> cris: chuck pagano, his favorite phrase. so what? now what? all right, andrew luck. they got it done on their side, now what? >> al: ball at the 32. luck flanked by the rookie, josh ferguson. in the backfield. a lot of the crowd is left. they're making a loft noise. and the pass at midfield, by chester rogers, the rookie free agent from grambling. he's had himself a nice evening. 4 catches 63 yards. and the colts go to a fourth quarter. it's been crazy. game-winning field goal opening day for detroit. allowed 18 points at the broncos and lost by 14 there. hilton from luck against the chargers.
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jaguars, 41 points. lost the game. in the fourth quarter. and then, hilton last week, against chicago. every game high-scoring. for indianapolis. and dramatic. >> cris: keep an eye on josh ferguson in the backfield. he's been the receiver coming out. 19 catches, the most for any rookie. >> al: second-most on the team. and luck is going to escape for a two-yard gain. taken by mckinney. and now, they stop the clock with 31 seconds. this is the final time-out for the colts. >> cris: watch this bull rush. this is the definition of the bull rush. blew him into luck. and had no choice but to scramble out.
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still time to throw the ball in the middle of the field and stop the clock. >> al: definitely. >> cris: sacks here are killer. >> al: they need ten more yards to give vinatieri a decent chance to make a field goal. 52-yarder, 53-yarder. low. hilton, does he make the catch off the ground? he does. t.y. hilton, just before the ball touches the ground or did it? let's take a look. there's no challenges needed here. everything gets reviewed. crowd looks at it. they see the ball on the ground. of course, that's the reason you hear the noise from the crowd. and obviously, vinovich will be taking a look at this. >> cris: yeah. i don't think that's a catch.
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under review. >> cris: if you have control, the ball can hit the background. but it looked like the ground aided in this catch. >> al: yep. i think they'll overturn this. >> cris: yeah. >> al: one thing for the ball to hit the ground and be a completed pass. there, nope. >> cris: so many times they stay with the call on the field. that one is pretty clear. >> al: that's going to make it third down and eight. if you get -- you need a first down. you can't get like a seven-yard gain in the middle of the field. but you can't spike it. but you still might have time to get the field goal unit out. not as much time as you would
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if you work if middle, you have to be careful. >> cris: if you go up and you have to make that decision in advance now. assuming it will be third and eight. because then, if you complete one short of the line, you want to run out there and try whatever it would be, a 58-yard field goal. or you want to leave the offense out there on fourth down and maybe have a five-yard pass, try to get out of bounds. and set up the next one. all of that has to come into and what you're communicating in that huddle right now. >> referee: after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field is reversed. it's an incomplete pass. at the 48 yard line. reset the game clock to 27 seconds. >> al: so, they reset. put two more seconds on it. you don't gain a yard here, you're looking at a 67-yard field goal. >> cris: i'm saying, what happens if you throw one down to
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60-yarder at that point. and because you tonight have the time-out, if you want to kick it, you have to run your field goal team out right now. >> al: exactly. gore, who at one point, had a 100-yard night, he's back on the sideline. third down and eight. luck, stepping up. fires. that's incomplete. now, what do you want to do? you have clowney coming in. there he is. he needs assistance in getting up. you have fourth down and eight. now, you probably have to punt this ball away. you're not going to leave it there at midfield. >> al: and they bring mcafee into the game. mcafee is a phenomenal athlete. they have trick plays. would you dare? would you tear? >> cris: he can throw the
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this is not an automatic punt. now, it is. and a fair catch is called for at the 16. tyler ervin. so, the next bit of drama will be a coin flip. >> al: jadeveon clowney has been hustling to luck every snap. >> cris: this turned into some game. >> al: down by 14, the texans in the fourth quarter. >> cris: think there's anybody driveling home and listening on the radio? >> al: at half of the crowd. >> cris: about half. >> al: they will take a knee. and bill vinovich will flip the coin. and we will see who will get the
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o.t. >> cris: that colts defense played so well all night. and all they had to do was make one stop in the last two drives and couldn't get it done. >> al: missed extra point by novak, after the first touchdown, has loomed very large. as the offensive group gets together on the sideline, along with the offensive line coach, philb philbin. the captains come out to midfield again. here's vinovich. >> referee: good evening, gentlemen. great job so far. we're now in overto im. we have sudden death. both teams have an opportunity to possess the ball, unless the first team scores a touchdown.
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fourth quarter timing rules are in effect. all replays are upstairs. each team has two time-outs. any questions? you are still the visitors. what is your call? >> tails. >> referee: he called tails this time. it is tails. you get the ball. indianapolis will receive first in overtime. >> al: indy gets the ball. a touchdown wins the game. anything less and it the texans will have an opportunity. it's overtime we go, in houston, texas. ? oh, sunday night ? dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life.
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when i listen to families across new hampshire, all i hear is that washington is locked into a system where the special interests come before people. where drug company profits come before affordable medicine, the koch brothers and big oil come before clean energy, and powerful corporations beat out entrepreneurs looking to grow their small businesses. i'm maggie hassan. washington won't change overnight. who puts your priorities ahead of special interests can make a difference. and that's why i approve this message. quarterbacks. the man on the left is the machiman who is going to get the ball first.
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a field goal or less, and the houston texans will get the ball at least once. quan bray had his shoe off. he's out of the game. attrition continues. and the runback from the 4, from the rookie, josh ferguson. he takes the ball to the 26 yard line. those joining us late, lamar miller, a huge night. 139 rushes on the ground. you have vontae davis, with a tremendous interception to set up an drew luck touchdown. looked like indianapolis was ready to get the game away. but osweiler, who was cold for most of the night, two, hot drives at the end. resulting in a couple of touchdowns. that erased a 14-point deficit.
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in the game right now. >> al: frank gore who had a 100-yard game tonight, and lost a yard, will have another opportunity. he flares out on the reception. and the pass goes for a gain of seven to swoope. and we go to michele. >> michele: you mentioned it, quan bray on the bench. he is out with a foot injury. and phillip dorsett with a hamstring injury. thco receiver for the end of this game. >> al: that doesn't include donte moncrief, who would be the number one receiver. he's missing his fifth game in a row. clowney back in. >> cris: the best pass rushers on the same side. look for a stunt loop. something coming here. the colts have gone 3 1/2
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frank had 100. lost a yard and went to 99. now, at 106. >> cris: colts om out and win this game, a nice job the run blocking. a little run blocking on the right. >> al: the first down at the 40 yard line. two tight ends here. luck. stepping up. stepping away. throws to the sideline. and no good. hilton, on the chock. the official right there to tell him no, sir. second down and ten. they have done some job tonight on t.y. two catches, 42 yards, one for 31 yards and the other for 11. >> cris: we talked about it in the beginning. romeo crennel, they want to take
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and t.y. hilton, the obvious number one option, and they've accomplished that to this point. it is a long way to the end of this game, though. or with t.y. hilton, a short time to the game. >> al: second and ten. puts the pressure on. the pass caught, 47 yard line. that's hilton. in overtime, every third down is key. third and three. >> cris: and t.y. hilton is shot or was setting up something because he basically jogged off the line that time for that hook route. but really no choice, kevin johnson, with his speed. you have to back off and give him that.


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